Benjamin Bridge Spring Trio Wine Club Exclusives

I received my Spring Trio from Benjamin Bridge today.  I belong to their wine club and every quarter they send 3 very limited wines only available to their wine club members.  The wines from Benjamin Bridge are amazing.   I love everything they have sent me so far.   Their Riesling is amazing and can be purchased from them directly.  Their Nova 7 is fantastic and something everyone needs to try at least 10 times in their life.  You can get it directly from the MLCC here in Manitoba.  It is a semi sparkling wine, more of a fizzy wine and has a slight rose tone to it.  The flavour is out of this world, something you have never had before.  It is amazing.  It tastes like spring time, with fresh strawberries, raspberries and kiwi fruit.  It truly is amazing.

For this shipment of wine, representing their Sprint Trio of wines, they sent me 2015 Torbrook Brut, 2015 Torbrook Rose and the Raymond Private Cuvee.  The tasting notes from the winery are below as I have not yet tried them.  Once I do, I will post my own notes.  I can’t wait to try them, they look and sound amazing.

The photos are from my private cellar and when the wines first came in, still in their shipping container.

2015 Torbrook Brut 

BB Club Exclusive

This trio includes two special cuvées that explore the singular Torbrook soils found on the south-facing slopes of the North Mountain near Granville Ferry. These soils have developed from coarse textured water-deposited sands and gravels derived mainly from shales and slates with some granite and quartzite. Generally, there are not enough surface stones to interfere with cultivation, but the rougher areas are more stony on the surface. This blend of predominantly Chardonnay (90%) from grape grower Gord Whatley and Pinot Noir (10%) from neighbour and micro-grower Bill Armstrong is a tonic, refreshing Brut with distinct, saline notes

2015 Torbrook Brut Rosé 

BB Club Exclusive

This Brut Rosé comes from the same soils as its sibling Brut in this release. Growing history has demonstrated that Granville Ferry’s position on the Bay of Fundy and the widened Annapolis River near Digby Neck have provided protection against harsh winters. Thanks to the surrounding waters, the temperatures can be upwards of 10 degrees warmer than in other parts of the Valley, including our home in the Gaspereau. So we’ve always been grateful that our grower friends have pursued growing the sensitive vitis vinifera varietals that complement our sparkling program. This blend features the predominant Chardonnay (80%), but with a higher Pinot Noir component (20%) providing roundness, textural depth and subtle wild berries aromatics.


Raymonds Private Cuvée

Special Collaboration

At one of the world’s best restaurants, Raymonds in St John’s NL, we are humbled to have had a long and wonderful relationship with head chef Jeremy Charles and restaurant manager, sommelier, Jeremy Bonia. The Raymonds menu is more than a tribute to the natural resources of Newfoundland and Labrador, it is a dynamic reflection of the powerful seasonal changes of their insular ecosystem. Given our similar pursuits, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we also share in common a few extra-curricular passions, such as fly fishing. This is a collaboration born on the river during a fishing trip. It is a private label only available at Raymonds and, now, with approval from the Jeremys, exclusively to this BB Club Trio.


Author: Winnipeg Wedding Photographer Chris Jensen Studios

I am a multiple award winning professional wedding photographer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. I have been named on the the top 30 most influential photographers in Canada and Top 3 in Winnipeg & Manitoba. All of my wedding packages come with Full Day Coverage, meaning you have me from Getting Ready, right through to the end of your Reception, usually until 1 am at no extra cost to you. You also get a wedding album, a metal print, an engagement shoot, and all of your hand edited professional images presented to you on a custom USB. I also offer no cost on mileage (Calgary, Kelowna, Canmore, Banff, Regina, Edmonton, Brandon, Kenora, Flin Flon, Thompson, ect)

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