My Wines From The Winnipeg Wine Festival

What a fantastic time my wife and I had at the 2019 Winnipeg Wine Festival

I thought I would share some of the wines we picked up at the show with you and our overall experience of being back at the Wine Festival.

We arrived about 45 mins to show time and there was little to no lineup when we got there.  By the time 7 pm came about, there was maybe 100 people in line, but we all got into the show with little to no delay.   They were handing out free wine glasses for us to take home and keep from the show, when we were going though the doors, which was pretty cool.  We grabbed a book of all the wineries and wines that were represented and began our tasting.  It was hard to pick where to start first, so we just went to each winery booth, saw what they had to offer and if we hadn’t tried it or own it in our cellar, we tried what they had to offer.

Most of the wines we tried were excellent and some stood out more than others.  This year the plan was to only bring home what we really loved, so we were to try to limit it to one case.   In the end we brought home almost 2 cases of wine.

There were a lot of people there, but everyone was having fun and got to speak with quite a few people that either recognized me from weddings that I shot, or met new friends at the show and shared and spoke of our experiences at various booths, what was good and what was excellent.

Here are the wines we brought home with us from the show.

Birds & Bees
We bought the Sweet White and the Sweet Malbec.  This wine comes from the San Martin region in Argentina from the Trivento Bodegas Vineyard.

Sweet White
This is a very sweet wine, similar to that of a Late Harvest style wine.   It is a great wine to sit and relax on a hot summer day or to have for desert instead of desert.   The bouquet is of jasmine, pear, cut peaches.  It tastes like mangoes, pear, and a hint of green apples.   It is a light easy to drink wine and low in alcohol content.

Sweet Malbec
This is a deep red wine with a ton of flavour and sweetness to it.  It is again in the style of a Late Harvest wine.  On the nose, the bouquet is of orange blossom, honeysuckle and has a deep ripe red fruit taste to it.  Both wines are to be served cold.


Dr. Zenzen 
We picked up two amazing wines from the vineyard.  We purchased the 2016 Pinot Noir and the 2016 Pinot Blanc.   They are located in the Rheinhassen part of Germany.  They are both a sweet and light wine, great for summer times on the deck.

2016 Pinot Noir
This a deep red wine, with the smell of dark fruit, dried black cherry.  It is a sweeter tasting Pinot Noir with light undertones or deep ripe red fruit, blackberry, ripe cherries and raspberries.

2016 Pinot Blanc
This a a light straw coloured wine, light to medium body with the bouquet of pear, apples, wet limestone.  It is a sweeter tasting wine than most Pinot Blancs, but it does come from Germany, and most German wines are on the sweeter side.   The taste of the wine has hints of pear, apple, lemon zest, green almond and crushed gravel.




Sangria Lolea 
We picked up three pretty cool wines from the Wine Festival.  These are sweet wines that are meant to be served very cold.  They are located in Aragon, Spain.

Lolea No 1.  Red Sparkling
Traditional tasting notes begin by talking about colour and appearance. Here there are no surprises a light cherry red tone, clean, bright and attractive with a slight effervescence of fine, steady bubbles. Next is the olfactory phase.

Here, Lolea sets itself apart from all other sangrias that we have tasted so far. It smells like a fresh, young wine! And of cherry, orange peel, lemon drops, cinnamon and sour strawberry. Its intense, pleasant aromas are married with crisps nuances of grapes and sweet fruit. But the best has yet to come. Full-bodied and ample on the palate, Lolea confirms all the olfactory suspicions, following them with the experience of a wide array of ripe red berries and blue flowers, where you appreciate the noblest part of the wine and tannins.

It has a very silky carbonic composition and slightly bitter finish that invites you to enjoy it.

Lolea No. 2 White Sparkling
This Clarea boasts its own special personality. An aromatic Mediterranean grape is used for the wine base and a subtle hint of vanilla blends with essential citrus aromas of lemon and orange, without losing freshness. The result is a very balanced and elegant Clarea, more sophisticated and chic than its red wine twin but equally fine with a persistent flavour and fragrance, hints of jasmine, apricot and loquat, and a great balance between acidity and sweetness.

Lolea No. 5 Frizzante Rose
A sophisticated and stylish take on Sangria crafted with a blend of frizz ante rose made from Garnacha and Tempranillo grapes, with hibiscus flower and refreshing ginger natural flavors. This fashionable rose displays an attractive pale pink color in the glass, with a slightly sweet and floral bouquet. On the palate it offers generous fruit flavors balanced by subtle floral notes of the hibiscus and an enticing warmth of ginger, with a refreshingly gentle effervescent finish.

Tarima Sparkling
We picked up this very cool wine at the show.  It comes from the Bodegas Vineyard in Alicante Spain.   The bouquet is of fruity, floral notes, lightly sweet, well-mineralised beneath the fruit with a fine persistent bubble. Drink as an aperitif or with a simple fruit dessert.


Daringa Cellars Mead
Mead is one of the oldest beverages known to man. In Greek Mythology it was known as Ambrosia “The Nectar of the Gods”. Because of its legendary qualities as an aphrodisiac it became known as the honey moon drink. It is naturally fermented from Australian honey and does not contain any added alcohol.  It comes from McLaren Vale in Southern Australia.
It has a bouquet of strong cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and apple cider.  The taste is amazing.  There are tons of sweet red apples, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, caramel, honey with a mellow sweet finish.


Here are some of the wines I took photos of at their booths.






Author: Winnipeg Wedding Photographer Chris Jensen Studios

I am a multiple award winning professional wedding photographer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. I have been named on the the top 30 most influential photographers in Canada and Top 3 in Winnipeg & Manitoba. All of my wedding packages come with Full Day Coverage, meaning you have me from Getting Ready, right through to the end of your Reception, usually until 1 am at no extra cost to you. You also get a wedding album, a metal print, an engagement shoot, and all of your hand edited professional images presented to you on a custom USB. I also offer no cost on mileage (Calgary, Kelowna, Canmore, Banff, Regina, Edmonton, Brandon, Kenora, Flin Flon, Thompson, ect)

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